Le StorySave Quilt de 2008

The lucky winner of the 2008 StorySave Quilt is Judith Benninger of Saskatoon!

To view all of the quilt squares and learn more about this quilt, take a look at the Quilt Book for 2008.

Le StorySave Quilt de 2008

The 2008 Quilt was created by the following talented SC-CC members:

Renée Englot and Carol Burton

Norma Lundberg 
holly gilmour 
Nancy Vermond
Kevin Mackenzie 
Carol Leigh Wehking
Karen Gummo
Marie-­Anne  McLean
Pearl­and Gooding 
Mary Gavan
Elinor Benjamin 
Anne Nagy
Anne Rothfels
Mary Hays 
Norma Lundberg 
Mary Fearon
Pearl Ann Gooding 
Kathy Kompass 
Kathy Bennett
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