StorySave Quilt 2008

The lucky winner of the 2008 StorySave Quilt is Judith Benninger of Saskatoon!

To view all of the quilt squares and learn more about this quilt, take a look at the Quilt Book for 2008.

StorySave Quilt 2008

The 2008 Quilt was created by the following talented SC-CC members:

Renée Englot and Carol Burton

Norma Lundberg 
holly gilmour 
Nancy Vermond
Kevin Mackenzie 
Carol Leigh Wehking
Karen Gummo
Marie-­Anne  McLean
Pearl­and Gooding 
Mary Gavan
Elinor Benjamin 
Anne Nagy
Anne Rothfels
Mary Hays 
Norma Lundberg 
Mary Fearon
Pearl Ann Gooding 
Kathy Kompass 
Kathy Bennett
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