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Susan Wheat

Susan Wheat

45 Jackson Court,

Kanata, ON K2K 1B6

Home phone: 613-591-9699

Work phone : 613-591-3686

Email : susanibclc@gmail.com

My childhood was fraught with perils.  I played on the side of the street dropping stones into the manhole (and despite dire warnings, NEVER fell in).  I stuck my tongue out at the neighbourhood bully so he would leave my friend alone.  At night, I took my chances taunting the monsters in my closet.  My first year Kindergarten teacher accused me of faking being left-handed.

With these experiences of hazards, intimidations and acts of heroism during play and school, folk and fairy tales resonated with me.  So it was no wonder I chose a profession in which I mostly tell the stories that touched me as a child.

My school programs follow the Ontario curriculum:

Leaping Literacy!  A Bazaar Funshop

In Another’s Shoes:  Stepping into character traits

Once upon a Time:  Fairytales, Medieval times, Tricksters, Canadian tales, Urban legends and More

Social Studies:  Relating to each other and the world we live in

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