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Shoshana Litman

Shoshana Litman

1250 Rudlin Street

Victoria, BC V8V 3R7

Cell: 250-589-1250

FAX: 250-360-1560

Email  litmanshoshana@gmail.com

Website: www.maggidah.com

Shoshana Litman is Canada's first ordained Maggidah (a Jewish storyteller, inspirational speaker and teacher).

See Shoshana in action by clicking on the links at her home page www.maggidah.com

To arrange an event with Shoshana, please Email her at the above address.

Shoshana's storytelling, teaching and singing inspires listeners to awaken to the deeper joys of life. Her performances delight audiences of all ages. Shoshana's interactive performances are suitable for secular or spiritual events, classrooms, workshops, conferences and festivals.


"Maggidah Shoshana Litman is a full-of-life, full-of-song, full-of-movement storyteller. She can transform an audience by the power of her holy belief in tikkun olam, the world finally at peace, made right under the direction of the Divine "

Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum, Director, The Jewish Spirit Maggid Training Program, Brooklyn

Shoshana's stories are magical! She enriched the (ESL) course unit on storytelling by not only demonstrating how to tell a story but also explaining the techniques at the end of her presentation. I look forward to having her back

Sarah Harrison, Children's and Family Literacy Librarian, Saanich Centennial, Greater Victoria Public Library

The children loved Shoshana's humorous, thoughtful and gentle stories. Many students had never heard a storyteller before, yet they were enthusiastic and engaged even without "pictures." This is a great gift and skill which Shoshana has in abundance.

Bonnie Farmer; Teacher, Author and TD Canadian Children's Book Week English Language Tour Coordinator, Montreal, Quebec

Shoshana's interactive storytelling sessions are inspiring, not only because they are told so masterfully, but because her warmth, kindness and sincerity shine through and keep Shoshana's stories alive long after her words have faded away.

Donna Lach, Programming and Outreach Librarian, Westmount Public Library, Montreal, PQ

Everyone was so pleased with Shoshana's Earth Day performance. Both staff and students thought it was wonderful!

Laurie Tighe, Teacher, Millstream Elementary School, Langford, B.C.

Shoshana loves what she does so much, who can resist?

Syd Lieberman, Storyteller, Chicago, Illinois

People talked about Shoshana's stories all day!

Susan Hallatt, Community Planner, Victoria, B.C.

We really enjoyed the time spent with Shoshana and learned much from the stories that she had to share. It was a great experience for us all.

Sue McKerracher, Teacher, Pacific Christian High School, Victoria, B.C.

Shoshana's songs and stories are great and I would strongly recommend that folks see her perform live if they can.

Doug Banner, Storyteller, Bellingham, Washington


Shoshana Litman tells lively stories filled with wisdom expressed in dramatic and engaging ways. Her stories and songs, drawn from Jewish and world sources as well as her vivid imagination, have inspired diverse audiences since 1997.

Shoshana completed a two year study program with Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum of Brooklyn, which lead to her ordination as a Maggidah, a Jewish storyteller, speaker and teacher, in May 2008. She became a Jewish Spiritual Care Provider at the University of Victoria's Multifaith Centre in May 2021.

Shoshana began learning about storytelling from First Nations elders in 1977. Later she realized with delight that her own tribe had significant contributions to offer. Three years of study with an Orthodox tutor and more than a decade practicing Mussar (Jewish ethics), deepened Shoshana's access to Jewish wisdom. She continues to share stories, songs and Torah commentary whenever the opportunity arises.

Shoshana (aka Suzanne Kort Litman) worked for 9 years as the South Vancouver Island Regional Coordinator for the Way to Go! School Program, an active school transportation program for B.C. elementary and middle schools. She was also an administrator for the Mussar Institute of Vancouver for 8 years.

She has a degree in environmental science from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She has worked as a newspaper columnist, technical writer, research assistant, field biologist, registered massage therapist and travel author. Shoshana lives in a heritage house in Victoria, B.C. with her husband, Todd. Together they have raised two fine sons.

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