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Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Website: http://www.nald.ca/mothergooseprogram

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program (P-CMGP) is a group experience for parents and their babies and young children. It focuses on the pleasure and power of sharing rhymes, songs, and stories. Parents are helped to gain skills and confidence that enable them to create healthy family patterns during their children’s crucial early years. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program embraces newcomers and the rhymes and stories they bring. It reaches out to low-income, isolated families and is committed to running programs in neighbourhoods with limited resources. The Program is supported by current research on infant development and fosters the conditions for lifelong learning as well as emotional and physical health. It is free of charge to all participants.

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® started in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. A group of parents and their babies and young children gathered in a church basement in a low income neighbourhood to meet with two teachers who taught them rhymes and songs to use with their children, and also told them stories for their own delight. The founders of the program, Celia Lottridge and Katherine Grier, were inspired by a pilot project created by Barry Dickson and Joan Bodger. They found that the shared words, actions, images and feelings of rhymes and stories enhanced the relationship between parents and their children and gave them long-lasting resources. The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® has grown and become a multifaceted organisation. It has a national structure, with regional offices and local programs, and is governed by a Board of Directors from across Canada.


The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®/ Programme la Mère l'Oie pour parents et enfants MD is responsible for: training, the network of programs, resource development, including the website and professional support for our workshop facilitators and members, setting and maintaining standards, advocacy, national fundraising and research.


Coordination sites are responsible for: mentoring teachers, encouraging and helping maintain quality programs, provincial/regional fundraising, networking with other organisations, creating opportunities for provincial/regional gatherings of P-CMGP teachers, fundraising provincially/regionally. Local Programs provide direct service for families in communities, encourage participants to grow in leadership skills, network with other community organisations, create opportunities for local rhyme and storytelling groups, fundraise locally.

Our Workshops: Training the Teacher

Teacher training combines workshop training with apprenticeship training or practicum experience. Teacher Training Workshops are taught by accredited facilitators who teach participants the principles and methods of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®. Apprenticeship Training is hands-on training with an experienced, accredited P-CMGP teacher. Practicum Experience is experience teaching the P-CMGP. Our workshops have been purchased by agencies and organisations across Canada and internationally. Level Two workshops deepen teachers' understanding and abilities. Contact us to find out more about our training programs.

Our Programs:

Teaching the Parent The Teacher Training Workshops have led to hundreds of Parent-Child Mother Goose Programs® being offered in communities across Canada. This network of Programs is growing and is strengthened by sharing experiences through newsletters, the Internet and conferences. P-CMG Programs are run by accredited teachers, report regularly to the office and pay an annual fee.

Program Visits

To arrange a visit to a Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®, please email us at mgoose@web.net. Program visits are an excellent way to experience the program and see it in action.


A variety of resources are available for purchase, including rhyme books and CDs in English and French, storybooks, training manuals, and videos.

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