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Mary Wiggin

Mary Wiggin

Ottawa, ON

Email: mary.wiggin@sympatico.ca

Renowned for her exquisite sense of language, Mary is a subtle master of the literary tale. Her wit flashes with quicksilver humor; her insight unveils hidden truths in poetic turns of phrase. She favours folktales and fairytales with strong heroines and sound plots, but her listeners should be ready for some surprises. Her rock-solid, no-nonsense delivery style is the perfect set-up for the uncanny and the fantastic.

Mary has delighted audiences at the 4th Stage of the National Arts Centre, the Tea Party, Ottawa StoryTellers’ Children’s Festival, the Sharon Temple Storytelling Festival, the Toronto Storytelling Festival, at conferences and in adult education programs.

Mary is co-coordinator of the series at The Tea Party in Ottawa and has taught the Introductory Storytelling Workshop for Ottawa StoryTellers.

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