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Marta Singh

Marta Singh

English↔Spanish Storyteller

Ottawa, Ontario

Email :   martasingh.canada@gmail.com



Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I tell in English and Spanish.

My work is deeply rooted in folktales and fairytales, which give my personal and literary material rock-solid grounding. I’ve been told that performances by me leave audiences spell-bound. I am known for the skill of my crafting, my poetic use of language and my passion of presence.

Examples of how my work has been described are:

“Words drop in beauty. Her expressiveness is unique."

"Spellbinding. Marta's voice is hers and hers alone."

“Your story is so untold.”

“It is living proof that storytelling can also be an experimental form and that it has never been so alive.”

“More real than the chair I was sitting on. I didn’t want it to stop.”

"It’s theatre in its most essential form. It upholds the oral tradition of telling our history. It’s drama, it’s excitement. It's a one-woman show of performance art filled with enchantment, beauty, humour and tragedy. It’s movement, gesture and the persuasive power of the human voice."

I was forged into this art in Canada. To Canada, as to my teachers Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley, I am forever grateful. In Buenos Aires, my gratitude goes to Ana María Bovo, Paula Broner, Bernardo Sabioni, and to my teacher Juan Marcial Moreno.

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