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Karen Gummo

Karen Gummo2408-34 Avenue N.W.
Calgary AB T2L 0V2

Home/Résidence : 403 284-0747
Work/Travail : 403–869 –3921
Email address: karengummo@shaw.ca
Website : www.karengummo.com 

Karen is a prairie girl of Norse ancestry. Ever in search of the sparks of connection between people, Karen weaves her way through saga and myth discovering and uncovering new truths.
A devotee of the oral tradition for the past 25 years, Karen found her storytelling voice through the power of the story circle and the mentorship of many wise TALES storytellers. Her passion is now to spread that simple but powerful circle concept to others. The story stick is for all of us and all our voices are important.

She has travelled widely across Canada and beyond to perform as a storyteller and to listen to the voices of varied performers. She was chosen for the 2004 CCBC book tour and had the chance to travel from Cornerbrook to Mount Pearl Newfoundland telling her stories in libraries, schools and took her place on the stage at the first St. John’s Storytelling Festival.

A former president of TALES, she has organized and performed at retreats, festivals, café’s, workshops and gathered and encouraged new faces to come under the spell of storytelling.

She has carried out countless residencies in Calgary schools, the Epcor Centre for the Performing arts and at the Kids Creative Museum. Karen has performed on CBC radio, for Hospice, for churches, at museums, restaurants, on the street, for Children’s Literature conferences and more.

Karen’s mediums of artistic expression are diverse. She uses song, dance, drawing, quilting drawing, and string games to compliment her storytelling.
Karen was producer and performer for a weekend of Epic Icelandic Saga held at the Fensala Hall in Markerville Alberta. On Saturday May 5, 2012 fourteen storytellers from around Alberta and across Canada shared the unfolding of the Saga of Grettir the Strong.

Story Slams are a new passion for Karen. TALES terse, true and personal are rising up for her.

In one school residency this year Karen is helping gather up stories and verse from worldly children and their families in most of the 40 different language groups represented there.

She prefers to tell in English but can perform in French and will add Danish and Icelandic songs to performances ( and now a little Hindi!) She tells and gives workshop to participants of all ages, and is willing to travel - yes!

See Karen speak of her Icelandic forbears on Vimeo

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