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Howard Kaplan

Howard Kaplan

Email: howard@thrinberry-frog.com

Website: www.thrinberry-frog.com

I am not a professional storyteller. In fact, I am neither a professional nor a storyteller. I’m a songwriter and occasional performer, but many of my songs are narrative enough to appeal to a storytelling audience. I contribute these songs at various open tellings, and I only rarely have the opportunity to present a longer program or, rarer still, to be paid for it. You’re welcome to explore some of my work at my website. I’ve posted lead sheets (lyrics and music) for over 60 songs, and I’ve posted .mp3 files for over a dozen of them.

However, I am active as a storytelling organizer, being the Secretary of 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling, where I am also in charge of the website and the sound system. From that base, I am sometimes involved in SC-CC activities, and I thought it would be useful to my fellow members if I had a photo and a few words about myself on the web site.

August 2014

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