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Donna Stewart

Donna Stewart

Ottawa, ON

Email: donnetta.stewart2@gmail.com

Donna Stewart has been telling stories to her family, her students, and on stage for over five decades. She has lived in the mountains, and in the far North where storytelling was a way of life.

Donna was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Storytellers, and the Ottawa Storytelling Festival. She was honoured with the title "Storytelling Elder" at the National Conference of the Storytellers of Canada/ Conteurs du Canada in 2003. Donna gives courses on traditional storytelling.

Her historical stories come from a variety of sources, including the oral tradtion and the occasional roadside plaque commemorating some event or place. From these simple beginnings Donna then sets forth to unearth the rest of the tale. She tells true stories such as The Man Who Stole A Church and her Grandfather's Role in the Winnipeg General Strike.

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