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Dale Jarvis

Dale Jarvis

70 Fleming St.  

St.John's,NL A1C 3A5  

Cell #: 709-685-3444

FAX #: 709 739-5413

Email:  dale@dalejarvis.ca

Website:  www.dalejarvis.ca

Dale Gilbert Jarvis is a performer who has been telling stories since 1992. Dale has been one of the few professional storytellers in St. John's, and has performed at a variety of events, conferences, luncheons, and benefits. He is in great demand for storytelling festivals across Canada, and has been featured at local and international festivals in Cape Breton, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, St. Mary's, Regina and Whitehorse, and has told tales in the US, China, Norway, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands.

Dale tells stories of the faerie folk, tales from the collections of the Brothers Grimm, Victorian and Edwardian ghost stories, legends and traditional tales from Newfoundland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and beyond.

He is the founder of the St. John's Storytelling Circle, past president of the St. John's Storytelling Festival, Inc., and was the Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada representative at the inaugural meeting of the Federation for European Storytelling (FEST) in Norway, 2008.

Dale has written and performed in a number of other storytelling shows, including "Away: An Evening with the Faerie Folk", "Graveyards and Goosebumps", "Tales in the Temple" and "The St. Valentine's Dreadful Date", and "Pirates at the Pier". He has collaborated with musician Delf Hohmann on three storytelling shows including their most recent show "The Brothers Grimm: 200 Years and Counting."

He also offers workshops for beginning storytellers and on storytelling for historical interpretation, and has taught storytelling to adults, highschool level students and most recently, with grades 4-6


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