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Cathryn Fairlee

Cathryn Fairlee

Cotati California

Home phone:   707-433-2297
Email:   Cathryn Fairlee
Webpage:   www.sonic.net/~cfair

Cathryn has traveled around the world collecting, researching and telling tales for 30 years. This allows her to pass on the flavor of the traditional world tales she performs. 

She prefers adult and young adult audiences and specializes in epics and myths and legends. Her Master's Thesis was on Chinese Teahouse Telling and she gives workshops on this and Crafting Epics. She speaks Spanish and Chinese and often there will be other languages and songs in her tales to complete the mood of when and where.

Her 6 CDs have won awards, access them via her website. Titles: Cathryn Tells All, Kateryn Parr Tells All, Cathryn Tells Celtic, Celtic Knot of Clan McCool, Mahabharata Pilgrimage, and Cathryn Tells Chinese.


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