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Bernice Gei-ying Hune

Bernice Gei-ying Hune

Toronto, ON

416 922-7451

Email: bernicehune@rogers.com

Website: www.bernicehune.com

Born in Toronto, Bernice heard songs and stories in Cantonese that created a magical world of rich traditions – elders telling ancient folk tales, as well as personal stories about the railway, the head tax and the struggle for the rights of full citizenship.

At university she studied fine arts, upon graduation Bernice performed as an actor, and then co-hosted a CBC radio program. As an arts educator, Bernice has made over 900 visits to schools and libraries and led numerous workshops for teachers.

Her storytelling performances have highlighted many multicultural events at Canadian conferences, festivals and museums. Her recent activities include: an invitation to the Singapore International Storytelling Festival, speaking engagements with Citizenship & Immigration Canada, youth workshops supported by the Canada Council as well as touring elementary schools in rural Ontario. She looks forward to telling in British Columbia in May 2012, as she has been selected for the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week Tour. www.bookweek.ca

Bernice Gei-Ying is a dynamic performer. Each presentation has a fresh immediacy, shaped by the interests of the venue and audience. As a guideline, Bernice has listed popular stories and programs below.

"The Magic Paint Brush" is an enchanting traditional folktale for celebration. Some stories are told with movement and vocal response to engage young listeners.

"Ghost Train" is a Canadian classic, the book (by Paul Yee) tells of Chinese workers building the transcontinental railway. Tales of immigrant experiences with historical facts resonant with diverse audiences.

"Three Generations under One Roof” is a collection of personal stories. Some tell of cultural collisions between family members in a changing Canadian society. Others are as sweet as grandma's sesame cakes.

"Li-Shi & the Mulberry Tree" is a story that tells how silk was invented. Other discoveries that traveled along the ancient trade route are stories of science, mystery and adventure.

“Citizenship Rights" is a story told with origami (created by Bernice Hune). Folding shirts in a laundry, Mr. Yip tells of WWII veterans returning home to battle their own government for the right to vote.

Bernice is available for storytelling performances, guest speaking and as a workshop leader.

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