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From STORYTELL: Yorkshire Festival of Story 3-19 November


From the STORYTELL newsletter:

Dear Storylovers,

The Yorkshire Festival of Story (YFOS), an annual celebration of the power of storytelling run by arts charity Settle Stories, is back with a bang this autumn bringing enchanting tales, thought-provoking discussions, and incredible headliners to captivate audiences.

The theme of this year’s two-week festival, which runs from Nov 3 to 19 is "When Fairytales Speak Truth to Power," will delve into the profound question of how stories can achieve justice in our world. There are loads of free events online.

YFOS offers something for everyone – from family-friendly workshops to adult-oriented music, talks, and comedy shows, YFOS explores storytelling in all its forms, shedding light on a wide range of subjects including injustice, social change and the nature of power.

This year’s headliners include:

Professor Jack Zipes, this year’s festival guest director, will lead the way in exploring the incredible potential of storytelling in achieving justice and change. Zipes is renowned for his expertise in folklore, fairy tales, and their social and cultural significance, making him the perfect guest director for this year's theme. Prof Zipes is hosting the online event, Buried Treasures, where he will take us on a journey through enthralling stories of writers and illustrators from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Marina Warner CH DBE - Join Dame Marina Warner in an imaginative workshop titled ‘A Living Almanac: Imagining, Orientating, Belonging.’ As a writer and scholar, Marina Warner focuses on myths, symbols, and fairy tales, using them to shed light on contemporary issues. Her work explores the interplay between imagination, reality, and the societal impact of storytelling.

Marina says: ‘Humans are a storytelling species – we make up stories in the same way we make tools and food. The stories we inherit from one another stretch our experience far beyond what we can know at first hand. They can uncover truths and build possibilities and hope. But they’re also dangerous and can entrench prejudice and falsehoods. Handle with care!’  

Don't miss the chance to be part of this remarkable storytelling festival. YFOS invites you to embark on a journey where stories not only entertain but also inspire change and justice.

Some the exciting events coming up are -

King Lear Retold with Debs Newbold

How to change the world through telling stories with Sea Gabriel

The Subversive Tale with Anabelle Castano

Undocumented: A Search for the American Dream with Nestor Gomez

Justice in the World of Folk Narrative with Sadhana Naithani

The Grimms of China with Professor Juwen Zhang

In search of Yeti which features Bhutanese writer and storyteller Kinzang Choden

Creative Writing and Mindfulness Workshop

In conversation with Marina Warner

Buried Treasures with Jack Zipes

How fairytales speak truth to power with Jack Zipes, Mike Wilson and Cristina Bacchilega

Evening Conversations with Sudha Buchar

7 Essential Elements of Stories that Sell: A writers workshop


For ticket information and the full event schedule, please visit

I hope you can join us



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