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World Storytelling with Ottawa Storytellers

Dear Fellow Storytellers,
It has been Ottawa StoryTellers’ (OST) tradition to celebrateWorld Storytelling Day (WSD) on the Sunday closest to March 20.  It is our day – a day when we tell and listen to each other’s stories in an informal, comfortable setting, and it is a chance to socialize, with tea, coffee, and wonderful treats. 
The good news this year is that WSD falls on Sunday, March 20,2016, so we will be celebrating on the same day as people all over the world!
How Ottawa StoryTellers will Celebrate
World Storytelling Day

In 2016, OST will once again be celebrating with what we call Kitchen Table Storytelling – small groups gathered around tables to share short stories of five minutes or less. In this supportive setting, even the shyest people at the table have surprised themselves and everybody else by offering up a wonderful story or memory. It’s not only a great way to hear stories; it’s also a great way to get to know some interesting people.
Stories about Life in Ottawa
This year, as a lead-up to Canada’s big 2017 anniversary, we thought it would be fun to focus on stories that have an Ottawa experience at their heart. We’re sure you have a story like that – and we’re sure that you’ve heard some great ones from family, friends, and neighbors, too.
So, we’re asking members not only to come but to invite someone else to come along with you to share stories about Ottawa.
Everyone, whether newly arrived from other cities or countries far and near, or from Ottawa, has a story.  You may ask your guest or yourself – how did the ice storm affect me?  Was there a treat before Beaver Tails?  Are you a “tinker, a tailor, a soldier, a sailor”?  Are those jobs different in Ottawa than other countries?   (All stories must be suitable for young people to hear.) If your guest is shy, you could offer to tell their story for them!
Invited Guests
Your guest may be someone you know – or someone you don’t know but think would have a great story to share. If you feel brave, you could do a bit of scouting outside your circle of acquaintances to find a good tale. This could be your chance to hear an interesting incident in the life of a paramedic, a public figure, a sports personality... Ask them! 
The worldwide theme for WSD 2016 is Strong Women, and OST’s event will feature a surprise guest who will tell a story about a Strong Ottawa Woman.
We are giving you this advance notice about WSD so you have time to:
  1. Invite someone to join us, and
2.   Get to work on your own story about Ottawa!!!
Funny, sad, unbelievable stories are waiting to be told. Let’s share them on March 20, 2016.
This event will take place in the afternoon, location TBD.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at:
Colette Laplante
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