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Sydney International Storytelling Conference May 27-29, 2016 - Call for Proposals


Thinking of an adventure to have in 2016 then why not consider coming to the 'Weaving Stories Together' Sydney International Storytelling Conference May 27-29, 2016Spread the word to your storytelling networks and friends.

This biennial conference draws participants, presenters and performers from all Australian States and territories as well as international countries. The conference program has a balance of performances and educational workshops to promote cultural exchange and develop the art, skills and application of Storytelling in a wide context of settings.

Presently, it is the only International Conference held in Australia that has a main focus on the the tradition and practice of Oral Storytelling. The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) who are the organisers and hosts of the conference are committed to preserving and promoting this significant art form and its relevance within many areas of education, health, welfare and artistic performance

As a special gesture of hospitality and welcome to international attendees (those living outside Australia) we are offering a discount of $150 off the full conference fee.

Make your plans and book now!  Come alone or better still encourage a friend to travel and attend the conference with you. Perhaps you may wish to submit a proposal to contribute to the conference. 


This is a call to all who have a passion for the art and practice of Oral Storytelling to put in a proposal for workshop and/or performance and/or poster for the Weaving Stories Together - Sydney International Storytelling Conference scheduled for May 27-29 2016 hosted by the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)

Please note that each category of proposal has a different closing submission date. 


1.  We are seeking proposals for workshops around the following areas:.

  • Development of storytelling skills and techniques.
  • Storytelling in Education – Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Adult
  • Storytelling for building community – seniors, youth, church, business etc
  • Storytelling for healing and well being
  • Oral history and historical storytelling
  • Storytelling and culture
  • Storytelling for Leadership

Workshop sessions are 100 minutes in length. We are not looking for academic papers or talks. Workshops should be an engaging and interactive process for participants and concentrate on developing practical skills.  Submission closing date – January 29th 2016

2.  We are seeking proposals for performance in concert

There will be two opportunities for public performance of stories

  1. Saturday evening concert       2. Sunday afternoon Family Concert   Submission closing date – February 16th 2016

3.  We are seeking proposals for posters

This is a great opportunity to share your professional storytelling knowledge and research or information about a special storytelling project and meet others who have a belief in the 'Power of Stories'   Submission closing date – March 14th 2016

***  Call for contribution proposal forms can be found at conference website

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