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Storytelling Toronto Award Applications

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Storytelling Toronto has two upcoming awards that SC-CC Members are eligible for!

The deadline to submit for both awards is February 10 at 12pm

Alice Kane Award

The Alice Kane Award is an annual award presented by Storytelling Toronto in memory of Alice Kane (1908 – 2003). One of the co-founders of The Storytellers School of Toronto, Alice was a much beloved storyteller whose mastery of the art of storytelling made her an inspiration for many. The award is offered annually to a person or persons who wish to advance the art of storytelling through research, innovative projects, or through their own personal development as a storyteller.

Click here for Alice Kane application form

Anne Smyth Travel Award

The Anne Smythe Travel Grant was established to honour the memory of Anne Smythe,an active and well-loved member of the storytelling community. As a teller and author,she believed strongly in the value of travel and adventure in the development of a storyteller’s art. The award is designed to support the work of an active storyteller through the provision of funding to support travel expenses related to a storytelling project.

Click here for Anne Smyth Award applicatio form

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