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Pin-Pin The Eggsplorer Returns! A show by Sally Jaeger

Pin-Pin The Eggsplorer Returns! A show by Sally Jaeger

Pin Pin the Eggsplorer is coming back to Red Sandcastle Theatre October 4-8! Come and meet the new puppets! 

If you haven't seen this sparkling show yet, please join us and be delighted! Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school age, parents and grandparents all love this show! 

Bring a group of friends for a reduced ticket rate. 
And please note: babies -18 months, the original target age for this play, come for free. How can you resist?

About the show
In a big bright world, a penguin chick hatches from an egg. He has to find out who he is and what his name is, and he will do so by going around half the globe. Along the way, he will try to make friends with the wise and the cunning, with the slow and the fast, with some kind and not-so-kind animals. Will they like him? And are they waiting for him?

"Pin-Pin the Eggsplorer" includes nursery rhymes, songs and poems lovingly created by the founder of the Canadian Association of Storytellers for Children, Sally Jaeger, as well as some brand new songs written by her exclusively for this show.

Even though the audience is the smallest, the scale of the performance is immense: 2 bright and talented actors, colourful shadow and rod puppets, a beautiful hero penguin puppet, numerous songs and rhymes, heartfelt music and some interactive elements. All these extraordinary pieces will make your child’s first theatre experience joyful and memorable.

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