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A Special Request for the Marylyn Peringer StorySave Project

A Special Request for the Marylyn Peringer StorySave Project

April 3, 2017

Dear Storytelling Friends,

This is a special request for financial support for the StorySave recording of stories by Marylyn Peringer.

You may recall that last June in Vancouver, SC/CC, announced that Marylyn Peringer was given the honour of being the 2017 StorySave Artist. As one of the production team I am delighted to share that the recording is a beautifully produced collection of her selected repertoire. For those not familiar with Marylyn's life-long dedication to her art I have included the liner notes for the StorySave recording:

Marylyn Peringer came to storytelling through her study of French, both in Toronto and In Paris. When she discovered the folk tales and legends of French Canada, she began sharing them with others, mostly with the young. She has visited over a thousand schools across Canada, telling tales in French and English about the fascinating inhabitants of the French-Canadian spirit world.

Marylyn also discovered Toronto's 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling and joined the growing community of tellers and listeners. She has volunteered in many capacities but is most proud of her many years of service as Co-resident Teacher in Storytelling Toronto's program of storytelling courses.

Marylyn's mother grew up on the Mediterranean island of Malta, a nation bearing the influence of cultures from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Marylyn has made a number of journeys to Malta to investigate the folk narratives of her maternal heritage. She has translated several stories from the Maltese in preparation for an English-language collection of tales for North American readers.

Marylyn applied for funding through the Word of Mouth Program at the Ontario Arts Council and was unfortunately declined funds. Generous support has come in from other sources including Mariposa In The Schools, The 1000 Island Yarnspinners, 1001 Friday Nights, other storytelling organizations, and many individuals.

We have shortfall of approximately $2000. Can you help? 

Every contribution you make helps SC/CC  fulfill its desire to have the recording ready for the May conference in Edmonton. Hold a house concert, donate a roll of loonies, take up donations at your next guild gathering.  We cannot continue without your support. To make your donation go to: and be sure to select the Marylyn Peringer project when you donate!

For more information, questions, or assistance with a planning a fundraiser, please contact Marion Gruner, StorySave Program Manager at


Deborah Dunleavy, Co-producer for StorySave 2017

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