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Festival Directors Invited to Korean ZOOM conference


A message on behalf of Alishia Dongjoo Bang. An invitation to Festival Directors who might like to take part in a forum on “The Critical Roles of Storytelling Festivals”.   This should be an interesting forum.    If you are a festival director and are interested, contact Alicia:  Alicia Dongjoo Bang <>

Dear Storytelling Festival Directors; As director of the 4th Korea International Storytelling Festival, I am greatly honored to officially invite you to participate in the First Global Storytelling Leadership Forum entitled “The Critical Roles of Storytelling Festivals.” This forum will be held online (during the festival) on October 8 from 10am to 12pm Korea standard time (1am GMT to 3am GMT on Oct 8). It will be a unique forum that will focus on the tireless efforts of storytelling festival directors to organize incredible festivals that help spread the magic of stories. This special forum will cover two important topics that are directly related to the current pandemic. The first topic is how stories and storytelling festivals can heal the world, and the second topic is how storytelling festivals can unite the world. You will have the honor to represent your country, to talk about your festival, and to explain the role of storytelling festivals in general during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Although no honorarium will be offered, news of your participation and effort will be sent to your embassy in Korea so that the embassy will be aware of your storytelling ambassador status and contribution in spreading your country’s culture. Each director will have about 10 minutes to speak during the forum, so please use your time well. We will need a professional-looking picture of you, the name of and the link to your festival, a 100-word description of your festival, and a short bio about yourself. I would be most grateful to receive your RSVP as soon as possible, preferably by the end of first week of September at the latest. If you are unable to present live during the festival due to time differences, you are more than welcome to submit a video instead. Sincerely, Alicia Dongjoo Bang President Korea International Storytellers Association (KISA)

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