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Survey Request: Professional Fees for Storytellers


A message from Suzanne Whitby of the Story Cafe:

Hello lovely tellers and Happy Tuesday!

In between my "day job", I am trying to work out how to increase survey submissions from storytellers about how they charge - more the "how" than the "what" - to see if I can build some reports to guide tellers in how they value themselves and charge in the future.

I have 25 wonderful, anonymous responses, and I would really like to get to 100, as that then gives me some good data to work with for reporting.

All tellers' experiences are welcome, and I'd love to get more input from folks beyond the US and UK, too, so that we can form a global picture.

I think it takes about 5-10 minutes in total to complete, unless you add extra comments. If you can help, either by completing the survey or sharing it with others, I'd be grateful

Here is the Link

Suzanne Whitby, telling tales as Ziyadliwa
Storyteller, facilitator, trainer, multiplier 

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