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Comfort Ero Named as Next StorySave Teller!

Comfort Ero Named as Next StorySave Teller!

The StorySave committee is thrilled to announce that B.C.'s Comfort Ero will be the 2019 teller for StorySave! 

Read all about Comfort in this statement written by her nominator, Kira Van Deusen:

For people who don’t know Comfort Adesuwa Ero, she’s been a part of our storytelling world here for many years and has run a very successful theatre in Surrey… and much more.

Raised in a Nigerian Benin chief’s household, Comfort has learned and told folktales and songs ever since she learned to talk. She studied languages and drama and became a high school principal at a time when it was very unpopular in Africa to send girls to school. She has a BA in French, post graduate diploma and a master’s degree in Education. Comfort is a certified teacher both in Nigeria and Canada.

Comfort Ero is highly respected in BC and beyond for her many years of public storytelling and working with youth. She uses theatre and storytelling techniques to help students deal with issues of bullying and discrimination in schools and communities. “Story-Powering our Youth” successfully moves them from depression to high self-esteem, allowing them to win awards, friendships, and good jobs. Comfort’s repertoire is distinct and unique – based on traditional African tales (mainly Nigerian) and her own original stories. Fascinating biographies of her Nigerian family give us an entry into Nigerian history and culture.

I can speak for her contributions to Vancouver’s epic weekends, which I organized for many years. Comfort guided us through the tale of Sundiata from Mali, helping with everything from pronunciation to the deep background and history of the story. And she is flexible. A couple of years later she took a part in the Shahnameh, which Persian listeners found entirely authentic in its emotional approach. She has also participated in Vancouver’s festivals and other events, and included other storytellers in her excellent symposia.

Kira Van Deusen

Kira and Comfort's production team are now setting to work to help raise funds to bring Comfort's recording project to fruition. If you can hold a fundraiser, or donate and funds large or small, it would be put to excellent use!

Here's how to donate:

Online donors can go directly to this link:

They MUST select the fund they want to donate to (StorySave 2019 Teller) in order for it to be designated to this project. There is a drop-down menu on that webpage where they can select which one they want to donate to. *Donors giving a minimum of $3 will receive an automatic tax receipt from Canada Helps, however, we are charged 3.5% on any donations that go through Canada Helps.

People can also donate to the project by sending a cheque directly to the SC-CC office. Again they must note on the cheque or in a letter accompanying their donation, that the donation should go to the StorySave project for 2019.  Donations going directly to our office will only be issued a tax receipt if they are donations of $20 or more. Cheques must be made out to Storytellers of Canada (not SC-CC or StorySave) 

The office address is:

Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada

Suite 173 - 601 Christie St

Toronto, ON

M6G 4C7

Thanks all!

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