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Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022
An Invitation from Eric Miller, Directory of the World Storytelling Institute, Nungambakkam, Chennai

All are invited to register for "Chennai Storytelling Festival 2022" --  4th-27th Feb 2022 (on weekends),   All Free, All Zoom!   
This would be the 10th annual edition of the CSF.  Donations are appreciated. 
The CSF's theme is Storytelling for Growing, Maturing, Teaching and Learning, Playing, Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing.  
39 Workshops, many stories from around the world. 

The Festival webpage is

The Festival poster (featuring photos of 181 of the storytellers and session leaders in CSF 2022) is at

A list of the 39 (thirty-nine) 90-minute workshops  in CSF 2022, and more, is at

To register, please send an email to

NOTE: Eight members of Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada are among the 180 participants from around the world: Selina Eisenberg, Rachel Dunstan Muller, June Brown,  Donna Dudinsky, Rachel Muller, Faye Mogenson, Mary Louise Chown, Susan Ida Boucaud

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