More Tales to Tingle Your Spine

More tales to tingle your Spine (audio cassette) Tippecanoe Storytellers Guild. self-published, 1995. $10 94 minutes

Could not find evidence this recording was still available June 2014, but a  more recent production  of scary stories from Tippecanoe,  Howl at the moon,  is available from CD baby as a CD and MP3 download   It’s a well produced collection of classics. I’m really enjoying it  - Elinor Benjamin

It must be fun to be in Battle Ground, Indiana every October.That's when the Tippecanoe Storytellers Guild presents an evening of ghost tales. Ten members of the Guild tell 10 ghost stones on this, the second tape of ghost tales produced by the Guild. The stories range from traditional onal to original tales with some ghostly music thrown in for good measure.

Kids should love this tape. They will recognize some of the stories: The Velvet Ribbon, and Erin's Tale and perhaps Barney McCabe. Of course, hearing favourites again is always £un. Others will not be known such as the original tale about a haunted baseball glove. There's a true story based on an account from a Lafayette newspaper guaranteed to make local children look twice at the cemetery, and there's a cowboy version of the European tale about the ghost who drops piece by piece down the chimney. There's even a rap ghost song! With the exception of The Waltz, none of the stories is scary enough to give kids nightmares-just a good shiver or two. The use of occasional sound effects in some of the tales, and scary sounds in between the stones, adds to the fun. The ability of the tellers ranges from those who sound a bit wedded to exact wording, to others who are more at ease with story weaving. All are capable, however, and I can see this tape being a big hit at sleepovers year round.

Order from Tippecanoe Storytellers Guild, 682 Indian Bluff, Battle Ground, IN 47920 -317-567-2885.  

The Second Story Review, Vol 1, No. 2, Jun 1996

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