Listen Up: tellable tales for hungry ears

Listen Up: tellable tales for hungry ears by Kathy Jessup

A brand new CD for children and families! This is Kathy’s first time putting a collection of her very own stories together in a CD for everyone to enjoy. Kathy is well known throughout western Canada and expanding nationally with her talent as a tremendous storyteller. She represented Canada on the Canadian Children’s Book Tour in 2008 in Toronto and then was a featured teller at the Toronto Storytelling Festival in 2009! They loved her! We love her too! For years we have grown with the hilarious antics of Kathy’s own creation, Hilary Henderson. Hilary is a young girl who gets into [and out of] just about every imaginable childhood situation … and some of them are really‘imagined’! Anyone who has children, is a child, or was a child once upon a time, can relate and laugh along with the delightful tales.

Kathy has a soothing, melodic voice that is easy to listen to as she tells her stories for our hungry ears. That is of course until you come to the 2 stories that she had re-corded ‘live’ with a group of elementary children … then she turns into a crazy, fun, interactive teller that brings life into every word. The kids react to her enthusiasm and they respond in just as lively a manner!

In addition to the 6 original Hilary stories, she has given us one of her favorite folk tales and an original fairytale to listen to and some rhythmic drumming to piece the tales together. Her own nutty princess who is kissed and turns into a frog, and the wonderful East Indian tale of a young boy with a heart of gold who wants nothing more in the world than a drum. It is a wonderful CD that I highly recommend for listeners of all ages.

Pearl Ann Gooding; Wainwright, Alberta

Review from Le Raconteur  Vol 13:03, p. 40 Spring-Summer 2009

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