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Kun-Man-Gur The Rainbow Serpent

Kun-Man-Gur The Rainbow Serpent retold by James Cowan, illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft. ISBN 1-56957-906-7 (hc) 31 P $21.50 Cdn
This aboriginal creation myth from Australia tells of the time, when the world was new, that the Rainbow Serpent helped the flying foxes. In this tale, their most revered spirit being, Kun-Man-Gur, creates and selects food for these creatures, separates the species, and shows himself, finally, to be the rainbow.

This deceptively simple tale is retold in a charming, folksy way. The different voices of the animal characters, such as Kunbul the Bat, speak to the reader (with Australian accents, naturally). Bronwyn Bancroft's stunning artwork depicts a time when the world was fresh. There is surprising similarity between the artist's vibrant Aboriginal images and those of Canadian Inuit First Nation artists. 

Reviewed by Mary Baldasaro

The Second Story Review, Vol 1, No. 1, March 1996

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