Can We All Sing? A Handbook for Singers

Can We All Sing? A Handbook for Singers by Linda Esther Gray
ISBN 978-0-9555505-1-5 £7.99
Green Oak Publishing, 35 Green Lane, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 5BX

What does this book offer storytellers? Voice! In 90 pages, Linda shows how to train and use our voices. Although her focus is the singer, if you replaced singer with storyteller, the concepts and exercises are useful.

This book is a delightful little gem. Not bogged down in theory or reaching for your inner self, the book is practical. A Wagner Society reviewer complimented the book for being “approachable, enjoyable, yet practical and wise steps.”
In March 2008, I will perform in Melbourne, Australia telling the stories of the three arias that Linda will sing.

An international soprano until 1986, Linda retired from the operatic stage because of a life threatening illness and taught singing. Recently, she returned to the concert stage. Born in
Greenoch, Scotland, she now lives in London, UK.

Reviewed Marva Blackmore
From Le Raconteur: Vol 12, Number 2: p 11. WINTER 2008
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