14 Silly Little Stories

14 Silly Little Stories (audio-cassette) by Patrick Douglas.
Edithangel Productions, 1995. ISBN 1-896224-13-x. $10

From Andrew's Alien to Zasha's Zebra Zoo, these fourteen stories, many with alliterative titles, are indeed silly. They are quick little tales, all written by Douglas, of the sort which would appeal to young children. They are about imagination, sharing, and friendship. Some, like Helen's Hamburger and Cecilia and the Cereal are based on jokes, others on word play.

Douglas tells the stories so quickly one wonders if perhaps they were being read. His voice is very expressive - perhaps too enthusiastically expressive. I’d like to hear him relax into the stories and sound more genuine.

It might have been nice to hear these stories mixed in with longer ones which are more developed. Stories for young children do have to be fairly simple, but we mustn't be afraid to require more of our listeners.

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The Second Story Review, Vol 3, No. 4, March 1998

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