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Marylyn Peringer

Marylyn Peringer’s work has always been a bridge to other cultures. Her unique bilingual style of telling stories from French Canada has captivated audiences across the country for decades. And now, exploring her Maltese heritage, Marylyn has gathered and translated classic stories from Malta, uncovering the dozens of cultural influences of the country. 


The stories recorded here are some of my favourites. Discovering the folklore of French Canada, so little known to anglophones like me, was like coming across a hidden treasure.  I learned the stories quickly, one after another, so eager was I to tell them. The Maltese stories took more time.  They're the result of many trips to Malta - partly for research, partly for visits with my relatives - who have told me that my grandmother, Georgina Tabone, was an excellent storyteller!

To buy Marylyn's CD visit her page in our website Shop or purchase a digital download on Bandcamp.

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