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"L'honneur de l'un est l'honneur de tous", Congrès 2018

SET 5 Séances de 90 minutes le samedi 7 juillet 13 h 30

SET 5 Séances de 90 minutes le samedi 7 juillet 13 h 30
SET 5 Séances de 90 minutes le samedi 7 juillet 13 h 30 

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S5 Elders-in-Residence ‘Circle of Learning’ Aînés-en-résidence 

La First Peoples House of Learning (« Maison du savoir » des Premières Nations) a invité des Aînés de la région à venir rencontrer les participants au congrès. L’invitation en a également été faite, au nom de SC-CC, à des Aînés d’ailleurs en Ontario et au Canada. Ces rencontres prendront la forme de « cercles d’apprentissage » le vendredi et le samedi en après-midi autour d’un feu sacré, dans le tipi qui se trouve sur le site de l’université de Trent, à une courte distance de marche de la résidence College Gzowski. Ces moments privilégiés nous permettront d’écouter et de réfléchir ensemble à différentes approches relatives à la signification et à l’importance du conte pour les peuples autochtones. Nous aurons ainsi, tous, l’occasion d’un peu mieux nous connaître et nous comprendre, dans le respect de la culture et des pratiques de chacun.

S6: Ontario’s Story in Song: A Tribute to Edith Fowke

Une histoire ontarienne en chanson, en hommage à Edith Fowke   

Angelica Ottewill, Dr. Allan Kirby, Tori Owen, Peterborough, Ontario

UPDATE: This workshop is now full / l'atelier est plein

This workshop introduces the work of collector, Edith Fowke, and shares songs and stories in the origins of ballads describing examples of historic and local events from the Peterborough area. Participants will explore through performance and discussion, the social messages and cultural attitudes reflected in these ballads.

Participants: All welcome; come prepared to sing! Instruments are welcome.

Angelica Ottewill Bio:

Angelica Ottewill is a trained singer, harpist and storyteller who performs music and stories for all ages. She is a unique performer who combines the art of storytelling with music and weaves the two seamlessly together. Her musical repertoire includes folk, classical, Celtic and original material and she is equally at home on the concert stage as she is in the storyteller’s chair. Angelica performs stories from around the world that appeal to adults and children of all ages. They include Medieval tales, Fairy and folk tales, Greek myths, historical stories and anecdotes.

Dr. Allen Kirby Bio:
Allen is a musician with 60 years experience teaching, composing and playing music. He plays five-sting banjo and pedal-steel guitar. His recorded music credits include radio and television advertisements, film soundtracks, and background tracks for independent vocalists. He co-wrote and produced Fowke Tales: a musical-drama about the scholarly search for rural Ontario folk songs.

Tori Owen Bio:

A native of Peterborough, Tori holds degrees in performance and a certificate in Arts Administration and Cultural Management. She plays oboe, recorders, tin whistle, as well as bodhran. Tori is a member and performer with the Peterborough Storytellers and sole proprietor of Tori Owen Performing Arts Management, which offers music instruction and cultural management for musicians and artists.

S7: StoryIsland FM at your Festival or Conference; StoryIsland FM : mise en ondes des contes et des conteurs

David Merleau, North Bay, Ontario Storyteller, SC-CC Radio and Podcast Program Manager

This workshop involves interactive and hands-on activities to explore the traditions of oral storytelling through the art form of radio. It is crafted to bring out the best of every participant in different capacities to contribute to a truly unique and deeply collaborative work of radio in a down to the wire feel to produce an actual radio broadcast.

Participants: All voices and instruments welcome.

David Merleau Bio:

David Merleau is the Radio Project Manager for Storytellers of Canada.He has worked with CBC, VOBB, CKCU, and CKDJ, and he is the program director of SC-radio-CC. David is a tall-tale teller and a collector of Northern Ontario folktales.

S8: The Kairos Blanket Exercise

Betty Carr-Braint and Stephanie Nelson, First Peoples House of Learning, Trent University

This workshop was developed by Kairos Canada to educate about Canadian-Indigenous history as a key step towards reconciliation. The Blanket Exercise covers over 500 years of history with participants standing on blankets that represent the land and ‘walking’ through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. Previously silenced stories are finally being heard. 

Participants: All welcome; you will be asked to remove your shoes during the workshop.

Betty Carr-Braint and Stephanie Nelson both are Indigenous staff working at First Peoples House of Learning (FPHL) Trent University, in Cultural Programming and Counselling. FPHL is a community of learners coming together to understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live within. Connecting the University to local First Nations communities, FPHL provides services, support, and a home away from home for Indigenous students from all over the world. For non-Indigenous students, it’s a place to build awareness and to become immersed in many new and traditional cultural experiences.

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