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"L'honneur de l'un est l'honneur de tous", Congrès 2018

SET 1 Séances de 150 minutes le vendredi 6 juillet 13 h 30

SET 1 Séances de 150 minutes le vendredi 6 juillet 13 h 30

150-minute sessions on Friday, July 6 1:30 pm 

If you need more information in French, send us an email in French and we will ask a volunteer interpreter to contact you.

F1: Introduction and Guide to Becoming a Storyteller
       Tips and resources to get started in the art of storytelling

Calum Lykan, Calgary, Alberta

This workshop is about beginning and continuing the journey of a storyteller; how to get started, available resources, skills and experience required, storytelling styles, how to find stories and learn them, the challenges of contemporary storytelling. We end with discussion sharing other ideas.

Participants: All welcome

Calum Lykan Bio: 
Born in Ayrshire in the heart of Country Burns, Calum grew up surrounded by stories from this rich and beautiful area. Like the Bard, Calum also moved to Edinburgh where he is a regular contributor to such nights as Cafe Voices and The Guid Crack.

A passionate and energetic teller with a style that engages younger audiences, teenagers and adults alike, Calum has told in libraries, schools, community centres, public houses, theatres, festivals and even on the street. Life is breathed into the story with each telling and Calum’s passion for storytelling drives him to take every opportunity to entertain and give the gift of the story. 

F2: Tohio! I have a story to tell. Hi, hia, hia, hia kpo o! Tell it quickly! We are listening!
« Vite, approchez, j’ai une histoire à vous raconter. » « Vas-y, nous t’écoutons! »

Comfort Ero, Surrey, British Columbia
As a community building tool, Comfort’s techniques of interactive storytelling will demonstrate ideas that strengthen the art of storytelling in the modern digital era. Discussion will analyse story for its values and application to communal lives. Comfort will share her approach working with ‘Story powering our Youth’ telling traditional and contemporary African stories.

Participants: All welcome

Comfort Ero Bio:
Raised in a Nigerian Benin chief’s household, Comfort has learned and told folktales and songs ever since she learned to talk. Her vivacity in storytelling made her parents send her to school at a time when it was very unpopular in Africa to send girls to school. She has a BA in French, post graduate diploma and a master’s degree in Education. Comfort is a certified teacher both in Nigeria and Canada. She is an award – winning author of many novels, plays and stories in English and French. Based in Surrey BC, she founded the Story-Powering Our Youth group (SPOY). She has contributed immensely to oral storytelling of the Vancouver Society of Storyteller`s various projects and live performances. She also leads Story-powering workshops for youths in Vancouver Lower Mainland schools and generally in communities across Canada.

F3: Mesinibi'igadeg Beeshig: Portrayed as One

Mixed Media/Collage Integrating Art and Story

Conte et expression en techniques mixtes

Rene Meshake, Guelph, Ontario
This is a mixed media art workshop with Rene’s stories and demonstrations using cut images, text and design to form a collage that tells both intentional and subconscious stories. Each participant will share their story behind their artwork created in the workshop resulting in the group forming a community of people and experiences.

Participants: All welcome; if possible, bring your own photos to personalize your collage

Rene Meshake Bio:
Rene Meshake is an Ojibwe Visual Artist, Spoken-Word Performer, Storyteller, Singer-Songwriter, Language keeper and Digital Content Artist. The oral tradition, stories, and songs that his Ojibwe grandmother taught him his life and work.

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