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Yehudit Shier Weisberg

Yehudit Shier Weisberg

41 Warwick Ave.,

Toronto, Ontario M6C 1T7

(416) 781-5807


Writer/ventriloquist Yehudit Judy Shier Weisberg is continually surprised by the twists and turns in her life. After receiving her M.Sc. in Behavioural Sciences and Management, Judy returned to university and earned a degree in music. From 1991-1996 she taught recorder for the Toronto Board of Education, writing children’s stories during the summers. She also discovered that she was a natural ventriloquist. Judy’s presentations are unique, for she tells her stories using ventriloquist dolls and puppets. The most common questions that she is asked are, “How do your puppets talk?” and “Are they real?” Both adults and children are captivated by the magic of ventriloquism.

Since 1997, Judy has presented her tales in many schools within the Toronto area. She also performed as part of the 20th, 23rd and 30th Annual Toronto Festival of Storytelling, at the 23rd Labrador Creative Arts Festival, at EarthDay Celebrations at Harbourfront Centre, at Word on the Street, and at The Franklin Children’s Garden. Judy was the ventriloquist coach/consultant for Factory Theatre’s production of The Ventriloquist by Larry Tremblay, performed at the 2008 Ashkenaz Festival, at the Latitudes Storytelling Festival, June 2011, and at the Dunnville Rotary River Arts Festival November, 2011. Judy has also presented her ventriloquist stories for groups of adults. Yehudit performed at the Toronto Storytelling Festival 2014.

Special Ventriloquist Programs

It Can Always Be Worse (a ventriloquist storytelling)

Judy and her "Aunt Hannah" tell this delightful Yiddish story, with lots of audience participation! In addition to having fun, audience members learn two very important messages that can help everyone, no matter what age, to have a better life.

How the Skunk Lost His Colours (and gained his smell): A ventriloquist performance:

Many years ago, the skunk was the most beautiful animal in the world. Boastfulness, however, led to jealousy and hostility from the other animals. This original fable, while explaining the nature of the skunk's black and white fur, as well as his pungent odour, deals with vanity, jealousy, and a discovery of beauty in others as well as in oneself. This presentation is unique, for the fable is told by the author and a "talking" skunk. The two most common questions that Judy is asked are: How does the skunk talk?" and "Is the skunk real?"

The Day the Trees Began to Dance:

Once there was a very naughty sorcerer. Find out what happens when he gives the trees the power to dance! You'll discover:

Why some trees change colour in the fall, while others are evergreen

Why trees have blossoms

Why there are tree holidays each year

Why the trees stopped dancing!

This original story, told all in rhyme, is about giving and getting.

Purim Spiel:

“Yossel” will not act the part that he is given in this unique ventriloquist Purim Spiel! You will discover why the King really chose Esther, and when they learn the rap at the end of the Spiel, participants learn the most important lessons of Purim.

David’s Story : A Hanukah Tale

The students join Yehudit and “Yossel” in the telling of David’s story, about a boy who joined the Macabees. This original, exciting ventriloquist Hanukah performance, based on a true story, is about the freedom and values the Macabees for which the Macabees fought,, and the battles we still need to fight.

The Story of the Pesach Frogs

Have fun while discovering a new part of the Passover story! While the children participate in this unique ventriloquist storytelling experience, they learn one of the most important lessons of the Passover holiday.

The Shlemiel, the Miser and the Mentsh

Enter the world of the shtetl with Yehudit and “Yossel”! Hear and paraticipate in fun Jewish stories filled with colourful characters and valuable lessons for life. You’ll even learn a little Yiddish!

The Yom Ha’Atzmaut Surprise

A box from Israel arrives at Yehudit’s door. Discover a new, hilarious angle to Jewish history, and to the creation of the State of Israel! Laughter and learning guaranteed.

Jewish stories with “Aunt Hannah”

Join Yehudit and “Aunt Hannah” for a delightful storytelling experience! Adults love it.

Storytelling with Ventriloquism

Judy and her "associates" will find and tell stories to suit your needs!

Judy has presented stories for all ages - even a 90th birthday celebration!

for more information and bookings, call

(416) 781-5807

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