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The Storyteller- Improv Comedy Troupe

The Storyteller- Improv Comedy Troupe
The Storyteller is an improv comedy show where we make up stories inspired by Scottish folklore.
It comes from the love Matt Alden (right) and Tad Hargrave (left) have for the art of improv and their Scottish ancestry. Each show begins with a fireside, ceilidh chat with the audience and then a short animal story for the weans followed by a larger story - all of them shaped by weaving together suggestions from the audience and themes, motifs, flavour and styles from Scottish folklore, from stories that have been shared for hundreds if not thousands of years around campfires late on Summer nights and in ceilidh houses during the cold winters in Scotland. The stories we create and inspired by Scottish folklore. Our performing on a stage in a theatre for a paying audience would be foreign to the very people Matt and I come from. So, we make no pretence that this is the 'real thing' but we hope that it might wake up some hunger in you to explore the rich folk tradition of Scotland.
You can find links, resources and booklists here:
10% of the profits from our shows goes to support projects in Scotland that work to keep the old storytelling tradition alive.

Your Storytellers

Tad Hargrave has been doing improv comedy since 1992. His grandfather was a heritary Chief of the Melness Sept of the Clan Mackay. Tad began studying Gaelic in 2002 and took a year at the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye and co-starred in Canada's second Gaelic language short film - The Fiddler's Reel. He has a growing collection of Scottish Folklore books.
Matt Alden started improving based on a dare 12 years ago and he hasn’t stopped since. He is a member of Rapid Fire Theatre but is also a regular player in the improvised soap opera Die-Nasty and the comedy troupe These Men Are Blacklisted. Matt writes, acts in, and produces plays including the sterling nominated Edmund and the award winning Real Time. Television has become his main career besides improv. Matt is involved with writing and acting in many television shows including E-Town, Caution May Contain Nuts, Delmer And Marta and Superchannels Tiny Plastic Men. But TV takes a long time to make and longer still to reach the audience. To Matt nothing is more fulfilling than the beautiful disposable, now you see it now you don’t, art of improv. He has performed improv scenes all around the world but he always comes back for makes em ups right here in Edmonton, The Captial City Of “sorry we didn’t have time to rehearse this”.

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