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Saulo Evans

Saulo Evans

His roots brought him back to Panama and several other Latin American countries to connect with the different cultures of this wonderful continent.

Saulo delves into the corners of the Panamanian country side to find poets, musicians, storytellers who give him a little of their life's flame.

In El monte (Panamanian countryside) everything is possible: many testify to have met the devil in person or even to have heard the animals speak.

Saulo tells stories as much for the children as for the adults.

Accompanied by instruments he has collected in his suitcase, he tells circular stories so that this world does not make us squared.

At the sound of the drum, speech is shared while erasing the wall that separates the storyteller from the audience. As if by magic, we begin to tell stories all together under a circular sky.

His stories are shared in French,English, Spanish and sometimes in esfrangnol (mix of french and spanish).

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