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Ruowen Wang

Ruowen Wang
Ruowen Wang taught English as a Second Language as a specialist for ten years. Since she loves to share stories, she has become an accomplished author of a number of outstanding children’s books. Her passionate interest in children’s literature has led Ruowen to focus on the writing culturally diverse stories for children, as well as promoting gender equality and multiculturalism through children’s literature. Since more and more of her books are published in China recently, Ruowen visits China often and actively promotes Canadian culture and Canadian talents. 

If you are interested in a teaching position in China or just extending your storytelling career, Ruowen is the best person to talk to. You can reach her at 416-931-0268. Her email is:

Ruowen lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two children. Please visit Ruowen's personal website at: 
Here is one of Ruowen Wang’s stories on video, told by Patti Warnock:

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