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Phyllis Walker

Phyllis Walker

*SC-CC is saddened to share that Phyllis Walker passed away on May 30, 2017. Learn more about her in her bio below:

Growing up in a large family in a pre-television age Phyllis Walker honed her skills as a storyteller at the weekly gatherings for celebrations. Fond memories of reciting a long poem ‘The Creation’ for an event to honour her father A. A. Walker, Deputy Mayor of the City of Kingston, Jamaica, remain a life-long thrill. The love of poetry, storytelling orally or in glass to entertain various audiences remain as a constant as audiences respond enthusiastically to each performance.

Phyllis has performed across Ontario and as far away as Vancouver. Storytelling for the former Gov-General’s first dinner for children in Toronto or at the Royal Ontario Museum for Family Day shows Phyllis engaging the audience with ease. An award from the Ontario Arts Council allowed her to continue her research in her special area of storytelling – The Anansi Stories. Phyllis has shared her stories in High Park to benefit the children of Rwanda, Nathan Philips Square for children with Sickle Cell, The Toronto Festival of Storytelling, Word on the Street and many schools, festivals & community centres to the delight of children & adults from all cultures.

Special Stories for Special Events

  • Anansi the Spider – Survivor not Trickster – The Africans who were turned into slaves survived using any strategy as Anansi the Spider does; listen to his stories….he lives on!

  • ‘No Problem Man’ – Jamaicans have given this & many other phrases to the world – hear stories of motivation & laughter about characters from this island. ‘Laff till belly bust.’

  • Stories of slavery & the achievements of Black people e.g. the creation of the traffic signals created by African-American Garrett A. Morgan.

  • Storytelling workshops for both adults & students are available with a focus on requested themes … Talk, talk, talk! Whether on her own talk show in the 80s on CFRB1010 – as the Raisin in the Rice Pudding or as Grandma Ella on TreeHouse – Phyllis continues to tell tales. As a former Board member of the Storytellers’ School, helping to keep the storytelling torch alive remains one of her passions.

Phyllis [Broom] Walker

B.A.; B.ED.;M.ED.; ESL Specialist, Principals’ Qualification,

Founder of the Canadian Enamellists’ Association [CEA] – 1988

Now renamed EnamelArtCanada/EmauxCanada

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