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Norma Cameron

Norma Cameron

825 Clayton Road

Deep Cove BC V8L 5M3

Home: 250-655-3352


Norma, a writer and storyteller, draws on her childhood experiences growing up outside Glasgow to weave Scottish traditional stories with charming and often hilarious family tales. She has conducted workshops and performed at various storytelling festivals and events in Canada, Scotland, England and Ireland. She has written and performed a one-woman play, Coalmines, Council Houses and Corsets: The Life and Times of a Scottish Granny – adapted from her collection of stories based on her real-life Granny Jamieson. Norma tells to children, young adults and adults and conducts storytelling workshops for both adults and children.

Norma has over 25 years experience in fundraising, communications, public speaking and performance storytelling. She has her own business, The Narrative Company, and works with a variety of non profit organizations to teach them about the “power of story”.

Listen to Norma talk about the evolution of story. As we evolve into a global community, the skills of a storyteller -- cultivating imagination, embracing listening and exercising perceptual agility -- are needed more than ever before.

Filmed at TEDxVictoria on November 19, 2011


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