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Nathalie Vachon

Nathalie VachonImagination on the Loose!


Nathalie has been delighting audiences at festivals, schools, libraries and workshops for over 20 years. She tells folktales, fairy tales, personal stories, original stories and songs; taking the listener on a journey full of vibrant images, wisdom, witty wordplay, humour and heart.

On the roster of artists at Prologue to the Performing Arts, Nathalie offers Imagination on the Loose for K-6 audiences and her bilingual show L’imagination en Cavale for grades K-3. To book Nathalie in your school please go to:


In the past 15 years I have never seen such continuous laughter and delight from an audience. Nathalie is engaging, funny and creative: and she presents her stories with warmth and a contagious love of life, culture and adventure.
- Yusuke Tanaka, Katari Storytelling Organizer - Toronto Storytelling Festival

Your performance today was fabulous and I received a lot of positive feedback from colleagues. But most impressive, was the feedback from students. They LOVED your stories!

-  Kim Evans-Milak - Holland Landing Public School

It was SUCH A PLEASURE to be there and connect with you through your story! You told it so beautifully! As I listened I felt the love you have for the story and storytelling radiate out of you and lift me up. Your telling was artful and polished. Definitely the highlight of my day, so thanks for the story hug!

-  Audience member, Toronto Storytelling Festival

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