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Melda Clark

Melda Clark

Melda is a  teacher, writer, storyteller, blogger and speaker.

Everybody loves a good story and Melda has an entertaining collection.

She has shared her stories in libraries, community centres, retirement homes, church groups and conventions.

Melda’s stories are suitable for people of all ages.

She uses facial expressions and her voice to attract you.

Each story includes eye-catching illustrations.

In ARE WE THERE YET children and adults get to relive what it is like to travel 1,600 kilometres cooped up in a car.

In SLEEPING WITH ROACHES Melda will take you take you into a dreamland where strange events take place.

In HOW TO CATCH A HUSBAND you will follow a romance from a first date to wedding day.

Melda’s stories have been shared in “OUR CANADA” and on the NOVA SCOTIA TEACHERS’ COLLEGE website.

Audiences, young and old, sit spellbound from the opening sentence to the last

This is what one librarian had to say about Melda’s talents.

Melda Roache Clark is what I would call a "natural storyteller". She has had this gift passed down to her from "storytellers" in her family, but Melda has added so many different elements that she now has her own very unique style. Melda is a fine public speaker - relaxed and charismatic - and she is not afraid to add theatrical elements like pig-tails, a real chalkboard, hats, music! She is one of our favourites at the library!

You can view Melda in action on her website

Melda is accommodating and will happily work alongside to provide exactly what you want. 

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