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Wild Storyteller, Marie Bryce has a love and passion for being out in the world, experiencing our environment and sense of place first hand. By acknowledging the place around you, stories may rise from the very spot your feet have come to rest. This connection to our place and our environment is a naturally and culturally important relationship to maintain. Telling stories allows one to remember ideas they otherwise might have lost and telling stories is a way in which we may invest in ourselves, others, surroundings and into our past, present and future.

Marie's love for being out of doors has existed since she can remember but Marie was made more aware of this passion when working with youth at risk through a wilderness therapeutic approach. In acknowledging the beauty in her connection to wild settings Marie went on to complete her MSc in Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. This program had a strong focus on place; how we interpret it and our own philosophical approach within it. Marie's dissertation focused on one's connection to their local place through an urban solo. In conducting her research Marie was left inspired by those who participated and the stories that arose from the experience.


It was in Scotland that Marie reconnected with her own family history and deeper connection to land as well as recognized her love for writing and telling stories. Marie began to spend much of her time at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, taking courses, listening to stories and telling both traditional and her own authored tales.

In returning back to Canada Marie has developed her own approach to storytelling through her own writing, place inspired stories, traditional telling, music and movement to engage her audience and create unique telling experience.

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