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Linda Lord

Linda Lord

Where there is life, there is story. And where there is story, there is an opportunity to learn, grow, bear witness, and make meaning. My unique brand of storytelling includes a therapeutic framework that supports individuals experiencing overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, depression, trauma, or 'browning out.'

I have 30+ years experience in creating and facilitating many forms of expressive arts (storytelling, drama, writing, and movement). I have written and performed in five one-woman shows, co-written three social justice plays for seniors, co-wrote the script book for one youth social justice musical. Published two self-help books.

I am currently an Arts Can Teach Facilitator which means that as a working artist I collaboratively deliver classroom sessions that support meeting core curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

I have my PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy, a member in good standing with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada and Playwright's Guild of Canada.

I also serve on the Storytellers-Conteurs Canada Board.

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