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Leigh-Anne Kehler

Leigh-Anne Kehler

Leigh-Anne Kehler has been working as a professional story for 18 years.  Her programs include

 Around the World and Back Again, A Compilation of Folktales taken from her many travels throughout Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Adventures of Braveface, Licorice Boy and Little Leigh, Stories of growing up on a lively farm in Southern Manitoba

Fire Women, Stories of Women Who've Walked through Fire for the Ones they Love

Leigh-Anne has created several solo productions, which currently are on tour including The Man Who Couldn't Die (formerly The Final Hour).  This show is typically performed in Hospital settings and was invited to the National Arts Centre by the Ottawa Storytellers.

Prairie Theatre Exchange, Theatre Projects Manitoba and Northern Light Theatre in Edmonton have professionally produced her stage plays.

Leigh-Anne will be touring for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils in Spring of 2019 and is in high demand as a performer and workshop facilitator.

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