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Lana Shupe

Lana Shupe

I have been telling stories my whole life!  If my mother were alive she would tell you the marvelous yarns I would spin in order to get out of household chores or to tell why I was late for supper!  I once had a "continuing story" during my Grade 11 Math class that kept my teacher enthralled with the many adventures I seemed to have with my boyfriend Herman.  This did not in any way help my high school math achievement, but when I met my math teacher years and years after graduation she asked me how my Herman was doing!

I love, love, love working to make a story fit a performance.  With only a few details provided I can make up a story to enthrall a young audience.

Originally from Canada's East Coast I now live in Canada's West!  I love to blend my knowledge of both parts of the country into fun, interactive stories.  There might be a lobster fight at the Calgary corral or a Calgary cowboy might ride a bucking bluefin tuna!

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