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Kait Taylor

Kait Taylor

A silly boisterous troubadour; a detective uncovering legends; a hopeful steward of the earth and its children; these are all vocations that make up Kait Taylor as a storyteller.

Growing up in rural Grey County surrounded by nature, she was able to develop a true appreciation for the life lessons that such a setting can create. While exposed to the many stories that evolve around the wonder of nature, she was inspired by her 5th grade teacher, who was a bard in her own right, to follow the path of a storyteller. Through a background in broadcasting, Kait was able sharpen her performance and communication skills, now taking them to the next level under the tutelage of the talented Baden Storytellers’ Guild. 

As a storyteller, Kait believes that storytelling can be an entertaining, educational force that can help promote active listening, inclusion, and empathy in children and adults alike. With performances that engage the audience to move, to sing back a refrain, or simply to feel the stillness of the desert air, she brings new life to old tales, and a little sparkle to ancient words of wisdom.

Over the course of the last few years, Kait has been pleased to share her talents with local nursery and elementary schools, Stories Aloud, The Latitudes Storytelling Festival, The Irish Real Life Festival, and KidsPark. She is also incredibly passionate about her volunteer work with Better Begginings Waterloo, bringing together, movement, arts, and literacy for the next generation. 

She has her eyes on the horizon with many more stories to share, and can’t wait for the new ones she has yet to hear.

“I believe that the stories of the world should be shared, and in sharing them we can do a world of good.”  ~ Kait Taylor

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