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Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright is a performance storyteller.

His three ongoing projects are:

1) "How to Make Love in a Canoe":  a series of 11 first person stories recounting Jeff's adventure and misadventures on a lifetime of canoe trips.  Though set in the wilderness, the stories are really about our relationships.  Jeff's "How to Make Love in a Canoe" show has sold out the National Arts Centre 4th Stage twice in recent years.  A 3 minute promotional video, four complete performance videos, and details on the show are available at

2)  "The Trojan War Epic":  Jeff tells stories from the Trojan War Epic Cycle (including Iliad and Odyssey) to live audiences.  Jeff routinely tells to auditoriums of high school students numbering in the hundreds, in his "four hours over 2 days" show.  Jeff also tells these stories in bars, coffee shops, university classrooms, and on cruise ships and professionally guided tours of the Greece and the Mediterranean.  Details at:

3)  Trojan War: The Podcast is Jeff's serialized telling of the entire Trojan War Epic over 20 hour-long audio podcast episodes.  Jeff tells the story in contemporary, conversational language.  Each episode offers 45 minutes of the continuing story arc, followed by 15 minutes of "geeking out" by Jeff on all things epic, Homeric, and Bronze Age.  Trojan War: The Podcast has been downloaded over 200,000 times by listeners in 123 nations.  Jeff's podcast has been featured on CBC Radio and is an ITUNES "New and Noteworthy" podcast. 

Jeff is available full time for performances.  Details and contact information on the website.

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