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Jay McNeil

Jay McNeil

Jay McNeil 
218 Blackett Street
Glace Bay, NS, B1A 6B3
(902) 304-2516

Jay McNeil is a storyteller, broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  He's a professional speaker and interviewer with a knack for helping others tell their story. 

Growing up in Cape Breton McNeil was surrounded by the stories and songs of the island where cultures mixed with industries to create fascinating tales told and retold in communities built around mining, steel, and the fisheries.  All of this anchored in the legacies of our First Nation, Gaelic, and Acadian communities. 

A writer at heart, McNeil's passion for oral storytelling developed from his years as a broadcaster in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  

He's the former editor of The Glace Bay Gleaner, Morning Show Host and Sales Manager with various Newcap Radio stations, and is now the founder of Full Plate Care Ltd. 

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Fat Man Walking: Lessons in Loss (2013) 

Fat Man Walking: Lessons in Change (2015) 

Henry Smiles (2018) 

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