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James St. Clair

James St. Clair

1517 Mull River Rd, RR#2

Mabou, NS B0E 1X0

Home #:902-945-2928


Jim continues his Inverness County family and regional tradition of storytelling. He tells stories of Cape Breton people and places which give an insight into the meaning of place in the lives of people. Some stories are of the supernatural; some of historical personages; some of legendary individuals, drawn from multi-ethnic backgrounds of Cape Breton life.

He is the author of Nancy's Wedding Feast and other Tasty Tales. Yvonne LeVert was the co-author supplying the food descriptions and recipes to go with the stories."

Jim has been a weekly broadcaster on CBC Sydney for twenty-seven years. Thus, has prepared more than fourteen hundred stories of people and places and events for listeners. In addition, he writes a weekly column for the "Inverness Oran" newspaper as well as a providing columns for the Victoria County newspaper and a genealogical column for the Inverness County newsletter "The Participaper" - for nearly three decades. He is the subject of StorySave's 2008 three-CD set release Stories of Cape Breton    [Link to Storysave page will be needed here]

Jim is also the author of three other books on Cape Breton subjects, stories of people and their buildings. He is currently working on a new collection of stories for publication in a book and on a cd.

Retired from his professorship at Cape Breton University, he is the recipient of an Honorary Doctor's Degree from that institution. He lives on the property acquired by his MacFarlane ancestors in 1820 when they arrived from the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

St.Clair is a driving force behind Roots Cape Breton. He is a collector of local history, which he began doing at a very young age and helped to create the genealogical and archival collection presently at the Highland Village.

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