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Elias Leousis

Elias Leousis

Author's Philosophy:Canadian Storyteller.

I have always been interested in the human psyche and our impact on our environment; I am fulfilled each day, learning about the world around me both through science, politics and the arts. As a teacher by profession, I like to share my knowledge and realize that knowledge kept and not shared is dead knowledge which does not flourish into wisdom. I take issue with monks and others who steeped by religion isolate themselves from the rest of humanity trying or thinking that they are answering to a higher call by isolating themselves from real life and wasting life which is given to them: Any higher power who has placed us on this "garden of Eden" called planet Earth, did not put us here to fall asleep and worship but for us to take an active role and "live life" by admiring the wonders and beauty of this garden and like all other living things, "turn the soil of life", so that other living things can flourish and grow in the sunlight of existence.

Becoming an active participant in life's trial and tribulations, is the best way for us to show gratitude for whatever power has placed us here. Becoming active in our communities across this planet and voicing our opinions, collaborating with like-minded others and collectively combining our voices and our thoughts, amplifies our sense of life and the wonders to be had.

"Love is the ink, wisdom is the message."

"Those who fear life, worship imaginary Gods of others; those who love life, imagine."

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