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Diane Halpin

Diane HalpinStorytelling to Enrich Your Living & Learning

London, Ontario

Home/Résidence: 519-434-7147

Diane Halpin loves to make her original life-stories and re-interpreted folktales come alive with Celtic drumming, word play and audience participation. Since 1989 she has been telling stories and conducting workshops in schools and universities, as well as at libraries, festivals, museums, conferences and nursing homes.

Diane is always looking for those special stories that speak to your heart, ones that spark laughter and flights of discovery. Your imagination will soar while listening to Diane Halpin tell stories about furry and feathered folk and enterprising people.

Diane tells to all ages; she once told at a Grandparents Day Celebration where the age range was from 4 to 104 years of age. Diane is willing to travel and tailors her stories and workshops to the needs and goals of her audience.

Storytelling Programs:

Grandparents with Gumption – A Dry Hand Milker, Turkey Bone Skates and Matchmaking Rustlers are just some of the family-stories I tell that reflect the love, courage and humour needed to survive the Dirty 30s in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Stories from the Cottage of Flowers – An exploding lake, a real-life fairy tree and a backyard shadow-bear made for an exciting childhood!

Knotty Stories – mystery tales and riddles about clever heroes and heroines … the audience helps solve some of the mysteries and riddles.

Rendezvous with Loup-Garou & Other French Folk – interactive tales about a Loup-Garou, a Feu Follet, a Bonhomme Gigueur et plein d’autres.

♦ Note: The Rendezvous stories are told in English with French words and phrases.

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