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Cheyda Haramein


Once upon a time ... there was a little girl with big dark eyes open to the universe and who loved being carried away by the magic of stories, especially that of the "Little Prince" of Saint-Exupéry that she knew by heart!

Curious about everything and passionate about communication, no surprise to find her later a technician at Radio-Canada, a library clerk, an author / facilitator and a French tutor. On Skype, her students were mostly in Russia and Israel. A fascinating experience that lasted 8 years!

In Hawaii (2007) the gaze of a dolphin changed her life forever and brought her on the storytelling path.

Since then, she has developed a fondness for philosophical tales and the creative myths of the First Nations that she loves to share with audiences of all ages. She has often been told that her communication touches the heart and ignites the imagination.

Her greatest joy? With her "whalophone" (totally magical sound instrument) take her audience exploring the land of tales and its light.


- Le Porteur de Rêves (collection « Lune montante ») published by Bouton d'or Acadie, Moncton (NB), 2008

- Le Porteur de Rêves was set to music by the composer Jean-François Mallet and has been performed by the Woodwind Quintet Ventus Machina in various cities of New Brunswick in February 2019. This project is entitled: Sing me a story.


Storyteller in the youth storytelling festival “FESTILOU”, in Montreal (May 2018)
She gave 2 representations of her show called 'Rendez-Vous on the Aloha land”

Possible workshops (in French or in English):

Workshop on her book: "The Dream Carrier"
Workshop: Tales of Wisdom and Creative Myths
Workshop: The power animal
Workshop: Songwriting
Workshop: Gratitude rock garden
Workshop / show: "Rendez-Vous in the Aloha land"

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